About David Reeb

Professor David M. Reeb holds the Mr. and Mrs. Lin Jo Yan Professorship. He serves as a fellow of the Academy of International Business and Senior Fellow of the Asian Bureau of Finance and Economic Research (ABFER). Dr. Reeb’s academic research centers on organizational structure, firm financing, and international business.

His articles appear in a wide variety of outlets, including the Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Finance, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Management Science, the American Economic Review, and Journal of International Business Studies.

This research generates numerous citations (19,000 Google Scholar and 6,000+ on Web of Science), including one of the most highly cited finance papers of all time. It has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, The Economist, Forbes, the Financial Times, the International Herald Tribune, Inc Magazine, SmartMoney, MSNBC, and several major newspapers and business magazines in the US, Canada, and Australia. He has also been interviewed on CNN and Bloomberg TV and previously served two terms as an Area Editor at the Journal of International Business Studies.