About Ingmar Björkman

Ingmar Björkman is Rector (President) of Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, Finland. Before joining Hanken, Björkman was Dean (2012-19) as well as Professor (2020-22) at Aalto University School of Business in Finland.

Ingmar’s research interests focus on people management issues in international organizations. Ingmar is a winner of the JIBS Decade Award (with D. Minbaeva, T. Pedersen, C. Fey & H-J. Park). His most recent article is: Zeng, R., Grøgaard, B. & Björkman, I (2023): Navigating MNE Control and Coordination: A Critical Review and Directions for Future Research. Journal of International Business Studies, doi.org/10.1057/s41267-023-00600-7. His latest book is Global Challenge: Managing People across Borders (fourth edition, 2023), co-authored with Vladimir Pucik, Paul Evans, and Günter Stahl.

Ingmar has received best/outstanding teacher awards in three different business schools across two continents and the International Educator (Dean) of the Year Award from the Academy of International Business (AIB) in 2019.