About Jan Selmer

Jan Selmer is Professor Emeritus, affiliated with the Department of Management at Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University, Denmark. He received his PhD from the School of Business, Stockholm University, Sweden and he now resides in Stockholm. His research interest lies in cross-cultural management with a special focus on global employees, mainly investigating expatriates and associated issues. He is the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Global Mobility (Emerald), the only academic journal to consistently and exclusively focus on global mobility and the management of global employees. His academic production includes ten books and more than two hundred scholarly journal articles, book chapters and research reports. His book, Expatriate Management: New Ideas for International Business, published in 1995 by Quorum Books, has become a classic text about the topic. More recently, he became the co-editor of the Research Handbook of Expatriates, the first of its kind, published in 2017 by Edward Elgar.

For more than two decades, Jan Selmer was an expatriate academic working most of the time at universities in Southeast Asia, first in Singapore and then staying 15 years in Hong Kong. This experience has been a fundamental influence on his research interests as well as providing an acid test of the practical value of expatriate research.  Recently, he has become interested in the future of global mobility and expatriation in the light of the rapid development of virtual communication and coordination technologies. In 2021 he founded a research consortium consisting of six leading scholars dedicated to undertake and disseminate academic research on virtual global mobility (VGM).