About Peter Williamson

Peter Williamson is Professor of International Management at the University of Cambridge, Judge Business School and Fellow of Jesus College.

Peter divides his time between teaching, research and consulting on leadership, multinationals (with a special interest in emerging market firms), M&A, and business ecosystem innovation and serving as non-executive director of several companies spanning financial services through whisky to green energy and digital transformation. He has held professorships at London Business School, Harvard Business School and INSEAD (in Fontainebleau and Singapore). Formerly with Merrill Lynch and The Boston Consulting Group, he earned his PhD in Business Economics from Harvard University.

Peter has also been visiting China regularly since 1983, assisting numerous multinationals, Chinese joint ventures and Chinese companies venturing abroad.

Peter’s ten books include: Ecosystem Edge: Sustaining Competitiveness in the Face of Disruption; The Competitive Advantage of Emerging Market Multinationals; Dragons at Your DoorWinning in Asia; and From Global to Metanational.

His more than 60 other articles include “Ecosystem Advantage: How to successfully harness the power of partners”, one of the ten most cited articles in California Management Review. Other recent articles include: “The New Mission for Multinationals”, “Accelerated Innovation”, “Strategies for Competing in a Changed China” and “Is Your Innovation Process Global?” (all in the MIT-Sloan Management Review) — The latter received a Sloan-PwC Award honouring those articles that have contributed most to the enhancement of management practice; “How China Re-Set Its Global Acquisition Agenda”, “China’s Hidden Dragons” (all in Harvard Business Review).