Dear AIB Colleagues,

On behalf of myself and the other members of our Governing Board, I wanted to give you a quick update on our association’s first-ever certification program, the AIB-CIBER Doctoral Academy.

Our first cohort of doctoral students, a select group of young scholars from more than a dozen universities enrolled last Fall, have participated in a variety of professional development workshops so far, and are currently being guided through the Academy’s robust curriculum by a group of leading IB educators. Substantial donations from several foundations have also made it possible for us to extend partial stipends for some of these students to attend AIB’s Annual Meeting in Seoul.

The establishment of the Doctoral Academy through a strategic partnership between several Centers for International Business Education and Research and the Academy of International Business will be the topic of discussion at a special panel at AIB 2024 Seoul. If you are planning to attend the Annual Meeting, we invite you to join us in this discussion, which will feature contributions from our U.S. Department of Education officers Sarah Beaton and Tim Duvall.

We are thankful to the founding centers of the AIB-CIBER Doctoral Academy: BYU, FIU, Georgia State, Loyola Marymount, Michigan State, Texas A&M, UC Denver, and Temple. Each of these centers was able to sponsor one doctoral student to join our initial cohort on a complimentary basis.

AIB will begin accepting applications for the Doctoral Academy’s second cohort in June 2024. As an additional incentive for Diamond- and Platinum-level Institutional Members to take part, AIB will now offer discounted admission to the Doctoral Academy for a student of their choice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on our website or get in touch directly with Ieva Kule, Event & Program Manager at the AIB Secretariat.

Tamer Cavusgil