The AIB Fellows are a select group of distinguished scholars who have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to both our association and the international business field as a whole. We are proud to announce that one of our Fellows, George Yip, was selected by Thinkers50 as a 2020 inductee into their Hall of Fame.

Thinkers50 is a London-based organization dedicated to “identifying, ranking, and sharing the best management ideas in circulation today.” As part of this mission, their Hall of Fame was created to recognize distinguished thinkers who have all made a lasting and vital impact on how organizations are led and managed. In the group’s own words, they consider each of their inductees to be, “the giants upon whose shoulders managers and leaders stand.”

In addition to his many contributions to AIB, George Yip’s research has helped to advance our understanding of global management strategy and practice:

His key research concerns are how, in the era of globalization, companies can no longer develop strategies on a country-by-country basis but need to develop globally integrated strategies that leverage industry globalization drivers. He has extended this approach to the challenging issue of how multinational companies can run global account management programs. He now focuses on how China is moving from imitation to innovation and what Western companies can learn from this new phenomenon.

We hope you will join us in congratulating Dr. Yip on this outstanding achievement. For more information on his continuing impact on our field, please visit the Thinkers50 Hall of Fame website.