As a global community of scholars, AIB stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, the surrounding region, and throughout the world, who are adversely impacted by the ongoing tragic conflict. We remain particularly concerned for our members, their communities, colleagues, students, and loved ones. In the face of this adversity, our association will continue to stand for the universal principles of peace, justice, and international law, as outlined in Chapter 1 of the United Nations Charter. We join the growing calls for this violence to end and reaffirm our commitment to promote and foster peaceful international collaborations, global understanding, and mutual respect for others’ intellectual and material freedoms.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all of the institutions and individuals who are bravely working to bring about a peaceful resolution to these hostilities.  We also encourage our members across the globe to support humanitarian efforts to alleviate this crisis by reaching out to impacted colleagues and collaborators or through organizations listed below, actively seeking financial contributions to bolster their relief missions:

With sincere hope for the safety and wellbeing of all,
The AIB Executive Board