Since launching in February 2021, AIB’s video interview series, Frontline IB Conversations, has published 56 episodes featuring some of the biggest names working in our field. Now, a new offering is being added to the show’s weekly line-up: An audio-only podcast version of each conversation, ready for streaming on popular platforms such as Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. The full back catalogue of previously published Frontline IB episodes is also in the process of being archived on the podcast’s homepage.

Hosted by Ilgaz Arikan, Frontline IB releases two new conversations every Thursday. Each interview spans about 30 minutes, covering a range of topics including the featured scholar’s professional journey, an overview of their body of work, and a number of topics they find promising for future research. This recent expansion into the realm of podcasting was spurred by a popular request from members who wanted to listen to new episodes while on-the-go.

The new mobile-friendly format should make binge-listening a breeze. Of course, if you favor video, that will continue to be an option moving forward—we recommend starting with any episodes published this October that you may have missed: Mike Kotabe, Ravi Ramamurti, Sharon Alvarez, and Jonathan Doh. However you prefer to experience them, we hope you enjoy!