The Committee to Select the International Executive of the Year Award has now concluded its search and deliberations and recommended that we honor Mr. Park Hyeon-Joo of Mirae Asset as this year’s AIB Fellows International Executive of the Year. Mr. Park is known as the father of South Korea’s mutual fund industry. Mirae Asset now operates as an asset investment advisory in some dozen countries.

This distinguished honor will be conferred on Mr. Park at the AIB annual international conference in Seoul, South Korea, where he will deliver the Keynote Speech at the Plenary Opening Ceremony on July 3, 2024.

The International Executive of the Year Award recognizes business leaders who have significantly improved the reputation and performance of their respective firms on the international stage. Recipients typically have been individuals with a reputation of impeccable integrity and a performance track-record admired by stakeholders and competitors alike.

Mr. Park Hyeon-Joo is awarded this honor in recognition of his innovative leadership in developing Mirae Asset as an influential global financial institution. His bio appears below. Awarding Mr. Park this distinguished award reaffirms our goal to acknowledge the contributions of spirited business leaders originating from diverse backgrounds and economic sectors. Having him as a keynote speaker at the annual meeting will be informative and inspiring for our members. We congratulate Mr. Park and look forward to welcoming him and celebrating his achievements at the AIB annual meetings in Seoul, South Korea.


AIB International Executive of the Year Selection Committee
Seung Ho “Sam” Park (Chair), Paula Caligiuri, Sea-Jin Chang, Tatiana Kostova, and Jaeyong Song

About Park Hyeon-Joo

Park Hyeon-Joo is the Founder and Global Strategy Officer (GSO) of Mirae Asset Financial Group, which successfully introduced disruptive innovation in the financial market at home and abroad since the foundation of the Group.

Founding Mirae Asset Global Investments and Mirae Asset Capital in 1997 and Mirae Asset Securities and Mirae Asset Venture Investment in 1999, Mr. Park’s Mirae Asset has become a leading independent financial conglomerate in Korea. He was the first to introduce the concept of the mutual fund, real estate fund, and private equity fund into the Korean financial market, drastically transforming its market through innovations.

Mr. Park was appointed GSO of Mirae Asset Financial Group and stepped down as Chairman of Mirae Asset Securities on May 23, 2018, embarking on a mission to grow and evolve Mirae Asset’s global business. His transition to GSO ushered in an institutionalized management model, the engine of the Group’s success on the global stage. As part of his aspiration, Mirae Asset Global Investments acquired Horizon ETF in 2011 and Global X, a global leading thematic exchange-traded fund provider, in 2018.

Mr. Park’s leadership and entrepreneurial spirit have driven the global rise of Mirae Asset, where he has spearheaded continuous change as a permanent innovator. Celebrating its 20th anniversary of international expansion since its inception in Hong Kong in 2003, Mirae Asset currently boasts a formidable global network spanning 18 regions worldwide.

Mr. Park emphasizes corporate social responsibility as one of the core values of Mirae Asset, which involves social giving-back to communities. He founded the Mirae Asset Park Hyeon Joo Foundation with his wealth in 2000, pledging to donate all his dividend income to the Foundation. The Foundation primarily focuses on providing scholarships to underprivileged students and funding other outreach educational programs in Korea, India, and Vietnam.

The triumphant story of Mirae Asset Financial Group, led by Mr. Park, has been introduced in the Case Centre and the Harvard Business School Cases.

Mr. Park holds a Bachelor of Administration degree from Korea University and participated in the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School.