The AIB Executive Board operates on a rolling basis, with new members elected annually to fill open positions. The Nominations Committee, composed of the three Immediate-Past Presidents of the Academy, is hereby soliciting nominations for the following positions and will present a slate to the membership for election later in the Spring of 2022.

President-Elect: One candidate will be nominated from among those members who previously served on the AIB Board as Vice-President for either Program or Administration. The elected person will serve a three-year term: as President-Elect for 2022-2023, President for 2023-2024 and as Immediate Past President for 2024-2025. The AIB President presides at all meetings of the Academy and of the Executive Board, appoints and instructs all committees, and is responsible for the strategic direction of the Academy and for supervising the functions of the other officers and of the Executive Director. 

Vice President Program-Elect: Two candidates will be nominated to serve a three-year term. In addition to the responsibilities of a regular board member, this person will serve as VP Program-Elect for 2022-2023 responsible for organizing the pre-meeting activities for the 2023 Conference, as VP Program for 2023-2024 and responsible for the 2024 conference program, and as VP Program-Past for 2024-2025 with duties as determined by the AIB President. Please note that the location of the conference is determined through a separate and independent process and is not affected by the choice of Program Chair. 

Vice President Administration: Two candidates will be nominated to serve a three-year term. The elected person will be one of three Vice Presidents of Administration serving on the Board. The three VPs serve staggered terms, provide oversight and support for the Chapters and SIGs, and lead and serve on various committees and taskforces. The AIB President determines the type and sequencing of the responsibilities among the three VPs serving in this position. 

In addition to regular virtual meetings, the AIB Executive Board also normally meets in person twice annually; once in late January/early February (location determined by the Board), and once preceding the AIB Annual Meeting in June/July.  AIB reimburses economy airfare tickets and lodging for the January/February board meeting, but only covers lodging for the June/July meeting (as it is assumed all board members attend the AIB conference regularly). Board members may also be asked to represent AIB at one or more Chapter and SIG meetings (with AIB reimbursing approved travel expenses) and to serve on various committees.

The AIB Board is a working board.  All Board Members are expected to commit the necessary time and effort to successfully perform their assigned Board duties. Board members should also avoid taking other responsibilities that  could negatively affect their time available for Board duties.

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

The Nominations Committee
Lorraine Eden (Chair)
Jeremy Clegg
Chuck Kwok

Nomination Requirements

  • For a nomination to be considered valid, the nominee must be a current AIB member in good standing.
  • All nominations, including self-nominations, must be submitted via the official AIB Executive Board Nomination Form by December 6, 2021. Emailed nominations will not be accepted.
  • For further information on any aspect of the nomination process, please contact AIB Executive Director, Tunga Kiyak.