The AIB Executive Board is pleased to announce that Matt (Matevz) Raskovic has been appointed as VP Administration to the AIB Board, effective 10 February 2023, in accordance with the AIB Bylaws dictating how vacancies at the AIB Executive Board should be filled. Matt replaces Jennifer Oetzel, who stepped down from her role with the Executive Board due to personal reasons. Matt will serve the remainder of her term until 31 July 2024.

Born in Slovenia, Matt is an Associate Professor of International Business & Strategy at Auckland University of Technology in Aotearoa New Zealand. He is also a visiting professor at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and a guest professor at Zhejiang University (China). As a founding member of the AIB Diversity & Inclusion taskforce, Matt’s appointment strengthens the commitment of the AIB Executive Board to diversity, equity and inclusion.

In July this year, Matt is stepping down as Executive Board member of the AIB Central & Eastern Europe Chapter and will continue to be active in the AIB Oceania chapter. He will also continue to serve as VP Digital communications for the AIB Teaching & Education Shared Interest Group.

Matt’s research lies at the intersection of economic sociology and international business, where he mostly works with social identity theory, socio-cognitive theory and institutional theory. He also conducts research on diversity, equity and inclusion. Feel free to reach out to Matt via LinkedIn or