By Chuck Kwok

In order for scholars to be impactful in society, we need to teach well and work diligently on research. We also need to set good moral examples. Students look up to us, young scholars model after established scholars, and practitioners seek our advice in implementing changes to improve society.

Integrity is one key value in our AIB Mission, Vision and Values statement. We believe in practicing the highest ethical principles in our research, education, and professional lives. In reality, however, not all scholars always follow ethical practice. As a respected global academic association, we believe the Academy of International Business needs to take a stand.

A number of months ago, we received complaints about possible plagiarism by a member of our organization, Dr. Jean-Michel Quentier. Our AIB Ethics Review Committee (consisting of Chairperson Paul Vaaler, Tatiana Kostova, and Bodo Schlegelmilch) spent a lot of time examining evidence and contacting the affected individuals. They concluded that there was sufficient evidence to support these accusations of plagiarism. I studied the evidence they provided and discussed the committee’s recommendation with the AIB Executive Board.

In my role as the President of the Academy of International Business, I hereby make a solemn announcement as follows:

“After a thorough and far-reaching investigation including an investigation by the AIB Ethics Review Committee, the AIB President and the AIB Executive Board have concluded that Dr. Jean-Michel Quentier engaged in serial plagiarism amounting to egregious violation of professional ethics, including those governing AIB members.  Dr. Jean-Michel Quentier’s AIB membership is hereby revoked.”

I have written to Dr. Quentier to inform him of these actions. I am reluctant to make such an announcement, but believe it is essential in order to maintain the integrity of our association. I certainly hope that this is the last and only time when such an announcement of an ethics violation by an AIB member is published in the AIB Newsletter.