The AIB History Project has reached its first milestone – namely, the documentation of significant parts of our history and the establishment of a website devoted to it as a section of the AIB general website. It is publicly available at the AIB History-Project site which was officially launched in Copenhagen as part of a special panel session:

In 2018, Lorraine Eden initiated this historical project, and we hope she, as well as current and future AIB Executive Board members will continue to support it beyond their term of office. In any case, we thank Lorraine very much indeed for her initiative!

We are also deeply grateful to Professor James Goodnow who has assisted us in recounting the early days of the AIB, and who generously shared old pictures previously unavailable to the public. Collecting records of the AIB’s early years has been very difficult, so Jim’s help was indispensable.

Our thanks extend to Daniel Rosplock at the AIB Secretariat as well for constructing the AIB History site from scratch and for structuring this historical project!

A major part of our project is still ongoing – that is, interviews of, and/or correspondence with, past AIB leaders are set to be conducted in the months and years to come – mostly through two-way messaging and during future AIB meetings.

In any case, we will need to continuously update the AIB History site so that it remains current and reflects the AIB’s continuous growth and development. This updating will include the collection of mementoes with pictures of past AIB leaders as well as those who have just completed their terms of office.

Besides this, we will also keep communicating regularly with the AIB’s Fellows and members about the sharing of pictures and other documents of historical significance that are not yet publicly available. When these documents are not accessible in a digital form, we will handle their digital conversion.

The AIB History site is designed to be as interactive as feasible in the sense that AIB Fellows as well as AIB members at large can upload the relevant material themselves. We encourage you to upload material you deem appropriate via this link:

We will select a “gate-keeper” to check these uploads and judge whether they are of historical significance and of public interest before making them part of the site.

This is where we stand now as we plan to move forward with your comments and suggestions – including good stories and pictures about our indispensable association! We will return promptly anything you send us. Thanks in advance!

By Jean Boddewyn and Lilac Nachum
AIB Historian and Deputy Historian
Baruch College, CUNY