The AIB Newsletter has been a prime source of information for our members since the 1970s—everything from executive board elections to event announcements have been facilitated through this time-honored publication over the decades.

Now, with the debut of AIB’s new website, we have a whole host of resources at our disposal to bring the AIB Newsletter in sync with our current information age. While this does mean the print edition will be rendered obsolete as of the new year, there are plenty of benefits to look forward to as we complete our transition to a fully digital format.

More frequent updates: With the newsletter no longer constrained by a quarterly printing schedule, the AIB Secretariat will be able to populate each issue with only the most up-to-date information and send out email alerts to all our subscribers as soon as it’s published. Be sure to update the email address in your AIB Member Profile so you won’t risk missing out.

A major step toward sustainability: As AIB’s membership grows, so does the environmental impact of all our print publications. In 2019 alone, producing the AIB Newsletter required nearly 200,000 sheets of paper. By going all-digital, we’ve effectively reduced that cost to zero—your news is now completely Earth-friendly!

Find more articles that interest you: At the start of 2019, AIB began tagging each newsletter article with tons of data related to the author, topic, and any tie-in organizations or events. For our members, that means finding related news items on our website will be as simple as clicking a tag and exploring to their heart’s content.

This is just the beginning of our efforts to maximize the value and relevancy of AIB news for all our members. Are there other online platforms where you’d like to see AIB have a stronger presence? New types of news content you’d like to see now that we’ve gone all-digital? Let us know at