Looking to take advantage of some professional development programming at AIB 2023? Don’t miss the 31 May deadline for these pre-conference activities!

Participation in these events requires you to be registered for our Annual Meeting, so be sure to complete that key step before you sign up.

Teaching & Education SIG Professional Development Workshop

he purpose of a case study is to take the learner closer to the real context of a situation, offering the opportunity to consider how to approach complex challenges, practicing analysis, synthesis, and problem-solving logic.  Whether based on a real business situation or a developed fictional scenario, case studies are engaging learning and reflection experiences for students, reaffirming knowledge and understanding of complex topics.

In this high-impact pre-conference professional development workshop, participants will gain training on how to develop case studies and teach using the case method. Support materials and resources will be provided to participants. This session is designed to prepare participants to develop a case for both classroom use and potential publication.

RM-SIG Research Methods Workshops and Masterclasses

Whether you’re looking to diversify your research methods toolkit or brush up on current best practices, these programs can provide the in-depth instruction you need.

Facilitated by expert representatives from AIB’s Research Methods Shared Interest Group, these workshops and masterclasses cover a wide variety of topics including various applications for machine learning in IB scholarship, ethnography, successfully submitting your qualitative studies to IB journals, Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling, and Necessary Condition Analysis.

Senior & Mid-Career Faculty Consortium

Once individuals reach mid-career, or later in their careers, new issues emerge for which there is often little guidance offered. The AIB Senior & Mid-Career Faculty Consortium is designed as a forum for discussing how to succeed at these more advanced career stages and how to tackle the new challenges that emerge.

This consortium will analyze four issues relevant for senior and mid-career faculty: (1) research: keeping research active (2) impact: turning research into practice and having a societal impact, (3) advancement: breaking barriers and paving the way, and (4) career: university leadership, career changes, and retirement.