We would like to let our members now that the AIB Executive Board voted unanimously on May 7, 2019 to increase AIB’s annual dues by 20 percent, with the dues increase to take effect as of August 1, 2019.

Over the years, AIB’s expenses have risen significantly in the process of providing more value-added services to its members. Some of these are as follows: (1) the funding of a new journal, Journal of International Business Policy; (2) the creation of two new Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) which are receiving annual funding: the Research Methods SIG and the Teaching and Education SIG; (3) the increase in funds provided to AIB’s regional chapters in support of their activities; and (4) the increased staffing and support being provided by the AIB Secretariat.

As we reviewed AIB’s financial position recently, we noted that the last dues increase was in January 2005, when regular dues were increased from $85 to $100.  If the dues were to be simply adjusted each year to keep up with inflation, the dues would need to be $130 in 2019 just to have the same purchasing power as $100 in 2005.

In addition, we noted that AIB’s dues are relatively low compared with other academic organizations for example, the general membership dues are: $345 (American Accounting Association), $300 (American Marketing Association), $182 (Academy of Management), $175 (European International Business Academy), and $160 (Strategic Management Society) compared with just $100 for AIB.

Given the commitment of the AIB Executive Board and Secretariat to continue to provide greater value to its members, the decision was made that dues need to increase 20 percent (the maximum increase allowed by our bylaws) for all membership levels.

Therefore, as of August 1, 2019, the dues will be as follows for each membership category:  regular: $120; student, low-income and emeritus: $60; electronic: $30.