By AIB President Chuck C.Y. Kwok

chuck kwok

AIB President Chuck Kwok

The dates for our annual conference in Copenhagen are approaching fast: June 24-27. The theme of this year’s meeting is “International Business in an Unsettling Political and Economic Environment,” topics that are sure to start many interesting and timely conversations among our attendees.

As a representative of our local host institution, the Copenhagen Business School, Dana Minbaeva leads off this edition of the Newsletter with an article highlighting the many unique, local sights and experiences our members will be able to take advantage of in between conference sessions.

Complementing Dana’s insights into Copenhagen’s cultural offerings, this issue also includes a comprehensive overview of all the resources that will be on offer at this year’s conference, including a tentative schedule, lodging information, stipends, workshops, and our professional placement center.

Also in this issue, Daniel Rottig contributes an article on his editorial tenure at AIB Insights.  John Mezias was recently selected to succeed him as the new editor. I appreciate Daniel and his team for all of their hard work in establishing a new guiding vision for this long-running AIB publication—his reflections are well worth reading.

It’s election time again for AIB’s Executive Board! This issue includes profiles on all our current nominees. These are especially helpful since, by the time we meet in August, there will be a group of board members preparing to step down and a new crop of leaders coming on board. I appreciate the election system of AIB, which allows newly elected officials to learn from existing officials while they serve together. By August 1, Lorraine Eden will leave the board. I shall become the Immediate Past President, Marjorie Lyles will be the President, and there will be a new President-Elect. I look forward to working with the new board members.

I also want use this opportunity to remind you that the AIB Code of Ethics is now available on our website at I would like to thank the Ethics Policy Committee consisting of Denis Arnold (chair), Rosalie Tung, Anne Tsui, and Alain Verbeke. Lorraine Eden, our Immediate Past President, also provided a lot of support to this committee in drafting the Code of Ethics. The AIB Executive Board reviewed this code in multiple rounds. I thank them all for their many hours of hard work.

With that business covered, it’s also worth keeping in mind the old phrase, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” I encourage all our attendees to arrive at Copenhagen a day or two early or stay a couple of days more after the conference. Bring your family if they have not visited Copenhagen before. There are many sights worth seeing. After all, you shouldn’t visit the Danish capital without saying hello to the Little Mermaid!