As announced at the AIB Business Meeting in August, the AIB Board is now asking for members to nominate themselves to serve on a number of AIB’s committees and taskforces. AIB needs new talent, and greater diversity in its leadership positions. This is a great opportunity for underrepresented voices to make themselves heard and have a major impact on the strategic direction of our association.

Our committees and task forces are now the engines of progress for AIB’s agenda – an agenda that looks into the future, through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, to how AIB should configure itself for the months and years ahead to better serve its members. Each individual appointed to these committees and task forces will be required to take on their full share of duties, and should therefore expect their term of service to be both demanding and rewarding. These initial appointments will run through to September 30, 2021 and be renewable as needed.

A critical element to evaluate before self-nominating are the “mandates” guiding each of our taskforces and committees, which are detailed below. The more passionate you are about a group’s mission, the more rewarding your term of service is likely to be.

Another factor to consider in your self-nomination process is the difference in scope between taskforces and committees:  Taskforces are established to achieve a particular objective and run for a minimum of one year with an expectation of ultimately being disbanded once their mission is fulfilled.  Committees are formed on a standing basis to address AIB’s persistent strategic goals and may therefore continue to operate indefinitely.

To apply, use the button below to fill out our online self-nomination form by December 15.  You will need to designate your preferred committee or taskforce and explain why you believe your skills and experience would suit their mandate. We also ask that you provide a copy of your CV.

Anyone appointed to join a committee or taskforce through this self-nomination route will serve alongside that group’s standing members. Due to the limited number of open spots, we will not be able to assign all applicants to a committee or a taskforce at this time. If we do not take you up on your application, please note that it does not signify a lack of merit—we may approach you in the future when a new position becomes available.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to AIB: Passionate, driven volunteers like you are a testament to the integrity of our field.

Committee and Taskforce Mandates

Ethics Policy Committee

Mandate: The EPC establishes the policies and guidelines pertaining to the codes of ethics that govern AIB’s publications, membership, and leadership. The EPC will regularly review and update these policies and guidelines in accordance with developments in the profession and the association. The EPC will also be responsible for disseminating best practices pertaining to those newly arisen ethical issues. The EPC will run workshops at AIB’s annual meetings and chapter meetings (where requested); develop material for use in these workshops; and write periodic columns in the AIB newsletter and/or blogs on  AIB’s website on ethical matters pertinent to our field.

History Committee

Mandate: The History Committee is responsible for documenting and disseminating AIB’s history, providing a coherent narrative of our association’s identity and strategic direction. It is currently producing workable proposals for: (1) history-focused sessions and webinars to be staged at AIB conferences or through webinars; (2) recording the histories of AIB’s components (Chapters and SIGs);  (3) creating an online archive to document AIB’s history in a user-friendly and accessible manner for both members and the general public.

Membership Committee

Mandate: The Membership Committee works on developing initiatives and ideas on how AIB can provide its members with more value-added services. It is currently working on implementing the initiatives already approved in principle by the Board during the previous year. Some of the initiatives the committee is developing for implementation include:  IB Indicators Database, IB Survey/Instrument Database, IB Productivity Rankings, IB Seminal Research Database, IB Teaching Tools Database, IB Expert List, AIB Peer-to-Peer Network of Reciprocal Assistance.

International Finance Taskforce

Mandate: The primary role of the taskforce is to increase the participation of finance and accounting scholars in AIB and the IB ecosystem through official activities, initiatives, and direct outreach. The taskforce will be responsible for both the identification of such opportunities, as well as their implementation.

Fundraising Taskforce

Mandate: This taskforce will be asked to work on producing a plan for AIB fundraising and sponsorship relevant to our post-coronavirus world. This is to be accomplished by identifying opportunities for collaboration with NGOs, foundations, companies, educational institutions, and other funding agencies, strengthening connections within the existing IB ecosystem and diversifying AIB’s revenue streams.

International Business Uniqueness Taskforce

Mandate:  The purpose of the taskforce is to develop and disseminate a toolkit to describe what makes International Business unique as an academic field. This toolkit will be made available to AIB members so they can promote IB in their schools and to other relevant constituencies, to encourage programs, activities, and the hiring of IB scholars. The taskforce is currently in the process of finalizing presentation resources for this purpose. The next phase for the taskforce will include identifying opportunities to present and communicate their findings, gathering feedback, and developing additional tools to continue to meet the needs of the IB discipline.