Recent Activities

The RM-SIG held a variety of events throughout the annual meeting in Copenhagen. Seven research methods workshops, run by highly experienced facilitators, were held as pre-conference activities on June 23. The workshops spanned quantitative methods, qualitative methods and responsible research:

  • The quantitative workshops covered structural equation models, partial least squares and multi-level models. Each workshop demystified key concepts, analytical steps as well as common mistakes. A key feature of these workshops was that they went beyond explaining how to perform a technique correctly. Instead, facilitators took participants through the logic behind the techniques, so as to be better positioned to support the methodological choices they make in their own studies.
  • In the qualitative workshop, participants were able to explore a variety of writing challenges particular to this area of research with four senior scholars leading the conversation in a roundtable format. Topics covered included how to craft the front section of a paper, how to do justice to the richness of your subjects’ stories, how to write up a process study, and how to improve one’s writing strategies.
  • In the workshop on responsible research, participants were provided a forum to discuss how AIB members could improve the credibility, relevance, and impact of their research. Roundtable discussions facilitated by distinguished AIB Fellows allowed participants to generate concrete strategies for action and to consider how these issues will continue to evolve over the coming years.

During the main conference, the RM-SIG ran a series of clinics which provided participants with the opportunity to explore a variety of methodological topics in a small group setting.

The RM-SIG also sponsored a panel, chaired by Betina Szkudlarek (University of Sydney) and Joyce Osland (San Jose State University), titled ‘Future Research in Cross-Cultural Management: Which Methods and Approaches Should We Be Using?’ Panelists argued in favor of broadening the methodological repertoire for cross-cultural research, covering critical research methods, ethnography, experiments, and alternative strategies for case studies.

During the annual meeting, the winner of the Best Paper Award in Research Methods, sponsored by the University of Sydney, was announced. Ursula Ott was the winner, for her paper ‘The International Negotiation Dance: A Cross-Cultural Bargaining and Experimental Analysis’. Congratulations are also due to the other finalists for the award: Valerie Alexandra (San Diego State University), Eero Aalto (Aalto University), Zeerim Cheung (Aalto University) and Pasi Nevalainen (University of Jyväskylä).

Upcoming Events

The best way to stay updated on upcoming RM SIG activities is to visit our website: There, you’ll find our online newsletter—the upcoming issue will include even more information on the key takeaways from our panel at AIB 2019 Copenhagen, so be on the lookout.

We also plan to publish regular updates there on our programming for AIB Miami as the details become finalized. One thing’s for sure, though: The best paper award in Research Methods will be offered again in 2020, so it’s never too early to start planning your submission!