What it is: The Academy of International Business Placement Center is a free service for academic job-seekers and hiring institutions who will be attending the AIB 2019 conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Participants post their position announcements and resumes in advance on AIB’s website, find the best matches for their professional needs, and schedule in-person meetings in our specially designated networking facilities.

How to participate:

  • Job applicants: save your CV in a PDF format and send it to aib_placement@slu.edu.
  • Hiring institutions: visit the Placement Center homepage at aib.to/placement2019 for detailed instructions on how to submit your position announcement.

How to make the most of it: The placement center web page will be updated with new submissions on a daily basis. Recruiters and job applicants are encouraged to visit the website regularly and make direct contact with applicants or institutions of interest prior to the conference. Those interested in scheduling in-person meetings can take advantage of our private, professional Placement Center facilities from June 24 – June 27 at no cost.


For more detailed information on the 2019 Placement Center, visit  aib.to/placement2019 or contact Dr. Hadi Alhorr, our placement services coordinator, at aib_placement@slu.edu.

Our Sponsors

Support for the 2019 Placement Center was provided by the Boeing Institute for International Business, a Center of Distinction in the Richard Chaifetz School of Business, Saint Louis University.