This special issue of AIB Insights is dedicated to the 2014 Buckley and Casson AIB Dissertation Award, recognizing the history of the award and drawing attention to the innovative dissertation research of this year’s award finalists.

It includes an introduction by Peter Buckley; “AIB Dissertation Awards: The Early Years (1968-1985)” by John Daniels and Jose de la Torre; “The Organizational Design of Offshoring” by Marcus Larsen; “Trajectory of Innovation in Emerging Industries: Evidence from the Global Wind Power Industry” by Snehal Suyash Awate; “Pro-Internationalization Policy and Outward Foreign Direct Investment” by Miguel Matos Torres; “Multinational Enterprises and Performance: Three Essays at the Interface between IB and Strategic Management” by Lars Matysiak; and “Foreign Acquisitions by India Multinational Enterprises: Testing and Extending Internationalization Frameworks” by Surender Munjal.