This issue of AIB Insights focuses on the Global Strategy and Emerging Markets conference held at the University of Miami from January 6-8, 2016.

It includes “Global Strategy and Emerging Markets” by Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, Joseph Ganitsky, Yadong Luo, and John Mezias, “Emerging Economies: Differences and Distances” by Pankaj Ghemawat and Steven A. Altman, “Creating Shared Value by Combatting Corruption” by Philip M. Nichols,
“Technological Catch-up and Knowledge Sourcing of Latecomers from Emerging Economies” by Jaeyong Song, and “What You, Readers of AIB Insights, Said: Responses to the Article “Is Your ‘IB’ Research Truly ‘International’?” by Jean Boddewyn.