This special issue of AIB Insights is a focused on the Leadership Effectiveness in Africa and the African Diaspora (LEAD) Project, and was guest edited by Betty Jane Punnett.

It includes “The Emic-Etic-Emic Research Cycle” by Betty Jane Punnett, David Ford, Bella L. Galperin, and Terri Lituchy,  “The Team Process: Insights from the LEAD Experience” by Vincent Bagire and Betty Jane Punnett, “Attributes of Leadership Effectiveness in West Africa” by Cynthia A. Bulley, Noble Osei-Bonsu, and Hassan Adedoyin Rasaq,  “Attributes of Leadership Effectiveness in East Africa” by Bella L. Galperin, Lemayon L. Melyoki, Thomas A. Senaji, Clive M. Mukanzi, and James Michaud, “Views on Effective Leadership from Insiders and Outsiders” by Terri R Lituchy, Elham Kamal Metwally, and Courtney Aleise Henderson, and “LEAD Mexico: Insights from Insider and Outsider Interviews” by Terri R. Lituchy, Eduardo R. Díaz, and Francisco Velez-Torres.