This special issue of AIB Insights,  “Making AIB and Our Field of IB More Legitimate and Relevant,” publishes a set of articles which discuss and analyze how we, as members of the AIB, can contribute to reversing this trend and making our IB field more legitimate and relevant again.

It includes “How to Regain Legitimacy and Relevance in a New Era for International Business: If Not Us, Who?” by Jean J. Boddewyn and Daniel Rottig, “The Declining Relevance and Legitimacy of IB Scholarship in a World That Really Needs It” by  Simon Collinson, “Plus Ça Change, Plus C’est La Même Chose? Or, That Was Then, This Is Now!” by Mary Ann Von Glinow, “Phenomenon-Based Research in International Business: Making IB Relevant Again” by Jonathan Doh, and “Global Value Chains, Emerging Markets, and IB Education” by Robert Grosse.