The theme of this issue of AIB Insights is “Power and MNEs, Modern Slavery in IB, Culture, Leadership and Entrepreneurship”.

It includes “Should Your IB Research Deal with Power?” by John Child, “Tackling Modern Slavery, the Ugliest Phenomenon of Our Times: An Invitation to the IB Scholarly Community” by Snejina Michailova and Christina Stringer, “GLOBE Leadership Dimensions: Implications for Cross-Country Entrepreneurship Research” by Saurav Pathak and Etayankara Muralidharan, “The Intersection of National Cultural Values and Organizational Cultures of Silence and Voice, and the Moderating Effect of Leadership” Rob Bogosian, and “Studying Modern Slavery: It Is Time for IB Scholarship to Contribute” by Guest Editors Snejina Michailova and Christina Stringer.