This special issue of AIB Insights focuses on international business in Latin America.

It includes “Multilatinas and International Business Studies” by Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra; “Innovation in Emerging Markets: The Case of Latin America” by Lourdes Casanova, Fernanda Cahen, Anne Miroux, Diego Finchelstein, Anabella Davila, Juana García, Veneta Andonova, and Moacir Miranda de Oliveira Jr.; “Corporate Governance in Latin America: Towards Shareholder Democracy” by Ruth V. Aguilera, Rafel Crespí-Cladera, and Luiz Ricardo Kabbach de Castro; “The Dominance of Pyramidal Business Groups in Latin America Persists” by Susan Perkins; and “The Importance of Institutional Knowledge for Expats Working in Latin America” by Daniel Friel.