2020, Issue 4

Includes the official Call for Papers for AIB 2021, a call for volunteers to serve on AIB committees and taskforces, and more.
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cover of the AIB newsletter, 2020 Issue 3

2020, Issue 3

Includes info on new developments in AIB Insights, the formation of our new Sustainability SIG, and much more.
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AIB newsletter issue 2, 2020 cover

2020, Issue 2

Includes announcements on AIB 2020’s transition into an online event and the induction of our newest cohort of AIB Fellows
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2020, Issue 1

Includes articles on a number of AIB 2020’s most prestigious presenters, including the winners of our annual AIB Fellow Awards
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newsletter cover for 4th quarter 2019 issue

4th Quarter, 2019

Includes articles on the AIB’s presidential transition, pre-conference workshops at AIB 2020 Miami, and updates on recent chapter events
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3rd Quarter, 2019

Includes articles on the Executive Board’s decision to host AIB 2020 in Miami, plus information on the succession plan for AIB’s presidency
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AIB Newsletter cover quarter 2 2019

2nd Quarter, 2019

Includes articles on SIG activities at AIB 2019 Copenhagen, plus reflections on the first year of the Journal of International Business Policy
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aib newsletter cover first quarter 2019

1st Quarter, 2019

Includes articles on must-see attractions in and around AIB 2019 Copenhagen, plus a farewell editorial from our outgoing AIB Insights editor
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cover of the aib newsletter in quarter 4 of 2018

4th Quarter, 2018

Includes articles on AIB’s Code of Ethics, the new AIB Insights editorial team, and the UNCTAD World Investment Forum.
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