AIB US-West 2020 Chapter Conference

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Migration may be closely linked to a variety of issues related to global business, including, but not limited to: labor contributions (or losses and displacements) on a range of skill levels; expansion of markets through increased spending and investment; social and political risk stemming from differing policies on migration; cultural and economic changes that impact markets and organizations; government policies and effects of migration dynamics on innovation and entrepreneurship. A focus on the linkages between migration and international business seems a timely and important contribution the academy can make to the current global business environment.

2018 Chapter Events in Review

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Chapter: Africa Theme: Making Africa Work Location: University of Kigali (Kigali, Rwanda) Focus Areas: Government partnerships, public policy, social justice More Info: Diverse regional representation: 106 participants from across the African subcontinent came to take part in this year’s conference.  Some of the schools represented included the Gordon Institute of [...]

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