See What’s New and Innovative at AIB 2021

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We look forward to welcoming you to the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Academy of International Business (AIB), online, June 25 through July 1. In the midst of recent, extraordinary global events, this year’s theme – Reimagining International Business in a Changed World – emphasizes innovation and adaptation. Building on that [...]

AIB Journals Webinar: How Foreign Investors Engage with Developing Economies

2021-03-30T19:50:17+00:00April 6th, 2021|, , |

register now Theme: How do Foreign Investors Engage with the Informal Rules and Norms Present in Many Developing Economies? Time: 9am New York/EST, 1pm London/GMT, 9pm Beijing/CST Registration Deadline: April 5, 2021 About This Webinar: In developing countries, foreign investors often face a variety of unfamiliar traditional rules and practices – also known as informal institutions. As they engage with their local business partners and employees, they [...]

AIB Journals Webinar: How MNEs Contribute to Social Sustainability in Developing Countries

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register now Theme: How MNEs Contribute to Social Sustainability in Developing Countries Time: February 9, 4pm GMT (View Local Time)  Registration Deadline: February 8, 2021 Speakers: Multinationals, international business, and poverty: A cross-disciplinary research overview and conceptual framework Ans Kolk, Miguel Rivera-Santos & Carlos Rufín Cumming Presented by: Ans [...]