Burning Issues in IB Webinar: The Emerging Regulatory Environment for Global Sustainability

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International business scholarship widely acknowledges that firms face a growing sustainability imperative, where they are increasingly held accountable by capital markets, governments, and other stakeholders for the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact of their actions. In this webinar, our panelists will describe this emerging environment and the implications for managers, policy-makers, and scholars.

“Frontiers in IB” Conference Series to Promote Interdisciplinary Collaboration

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What is the Purpose of This Program? We are excited to announce a collaborative conference series: Frontiers in International Business. Working in collaboration with the University of South Carolina, Northeastern University, Villanova University, and University of Groningen, this year's Frontiers in IB Conference will be held 20 - 22 October in [...]

Frontiers in IB Conference: Multinationals & Sustainability in Global Supply Chains

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The objective of the conference is to address this gap and strengthen the role of IB scholarship in studying MNCs’ social and environmental impacts in global supply chains. We look for cutting edge scholarly contributions that offer novel theoretical insights and practical understandings.

AIB Journals Webinar: MNEs’ Engagement with Green Energy Policies

2022-04-11T22:00:05+00:00September 28th, 2021|, , |

The editorial teams behind AIB’s Journal of International Business Studies and Journal of International Business Policy launched this series of webinars to provide global experts a platform to discuss their findings on some of the field’s biggest questions. This session will address the central inquiry, "How do MNEs engage with policies aimed at promoting green energy?"

AIB-UNCTAD Webinar: Investment in Sustainable Recovery

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What lessons from IB research on FDI and the international operations of firms cut across the international production, infrastructure and services divide? What policy initiatives are needed now to promote and facilitate the mix of investment needed to build back better? This AIB-UNCTAD Webinar will discuss lessons that can be drawn from IB research, knowledge gaps, and a future research and policy analysis agenda relevant for the post-pandemic world.

AIB Journals Webinar: How MNEs Contribute to Social Sustainability in Developing Countries

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register now Theme: How MNEs Contribute to Social Sustainability in Developing Countries Time: February 9, 4pm GMT (View Local Time)  Registration Deadline: February 8, 2021 Speakers: Multinationals, international business, and poverty: A cross-disciplinary research overview and conceptual framework Ans Kolk, Miguel Rivera-Santos & Carlos Rufín Cumming Presented by: Ans [...]

SUSPENDED: AIB Central and Eastern Europe 2020 Chapter Conference

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The overarching purpose of AIB-CEE is to foster the cooperation amongst scholars and specialists from Central and Eastern Europe in regard to conducting joint research, disseminating research outcomes and improving international business education standards.

AIB MENA 2019 Chapter Conference

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The Academy of International Business MENA International Conference 2019 intends to bring forward insights about the role that Multinational enterprises (MNEs) can play in sustainable international business practices in a MENA context. Sustainable development is considered to be indispensable for the overall development of societies in the current global scenario. The UN [...]